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Hair scare?Hair care!

Playing around with color when I need some creative inspiration!

Its a new season after all.. why not?


So I had a color done about 4 months ago & since then I’ve been afraid to put any chemicals on my hair since I’ve gone the natural route in caring for my locks.

With the lights in my hair Im able to play it safe with no peroxide color masks & mixes which rinses out in a few washes.πŸ˜€

So! Do not color your hair everytime you have a function or special event, but rather do a color enhancing mask to refresh your tones!These masks come in a range of colors & contain no ammonia or peroxide & are also free from sulfates.We supply our clients on order @ Stylish Steppers Hair and Beauty Studio!

Many of my clients have asked me how I managed to grow out my hair & keep it so healthy since my big chop at the end of 2017.

What we as women don’t understand though is that there’s that one individual out there that can actually do our hair better than we do it ourselves.

I have opted in getting my hands out of my own hair when it comes to heat styling.Lucky for me, my hair stylist is also my best friend.& I get to work with her everyday.😁

The chick on the right πŸ˜€ Monique Gill is magical with her hands on my head so I trust her to do all my blow outs & occasional diffusing.& yes we’re drinking champagne because we always have something to celebrate!🀣Even hair gets celebrated!

Here’s how we do it!

β€’Use professional products!

Off the counter products are convenient & some of them actually get the ball rolling, but what you ultimately want is a guarantee that its going to work.

Don’t expect the best results if you are not using *exactly* what *your* hair needs.πŸ™ƒ

β€’I trim my hair every 12 weeks & also only blow dry my hair every 2nd week as I like wearing my curls alternatively.

In this time I do moisture treatments & oiling together, making it easier for products to actually penetrate into my hair & not just apply n rinse off which will leave my hair feeling lifeless.. & a big, fat waste of product in the drain.πŸ˜•

Take your time with treating your hair if you want to see a change.

Finger combing my hair helps alot & prevents static & splits.. as I dont own or keep any combs at home either.Everything gets done at my salon so If i dont go into work, my hair will reveal all!πŸ˜‚

The products I use are all available @ Steppers Hair and Beauty Studio.

We stock sulfate free products for all hair types & offer a range of services to suit your specific hair styling needs.

We are currently running a promo during June & July..pop in & get the results you want & so much deserve!

Feel free to contact me on 0836098009 to hook you up..πŸ˜€

Here’s to Happy Hair days for all..

Times New Blogging

So its been a while..I know.Things have been really amazing since my last blog.And I have added to my product range!..There are exciting times ahead for us!


Gimme Naturals is a soft range for our natural sisters seaking a light product that leaves hair soft, glossy & manageable without weighing it down.There is also a pack for our sleek sisters!We have something for everyone!

Products include:

Curl shamps & condi, Curl Reviving spray, Growth spray, Curl cure food, Sulfate free shamps & condi, Cocktail treatment, Smoothie shamps and condi.

Planning on running with an Ambassador program & putting my feels out on the blog branding collaborations have given me new hope for the future regarding my small business, especially with being a female entrepreneur.

The past weekend went totally amazing with my first visit to the EC BLOGGERS MEETUP! Being granted the opportunity to be there as a brand and blogster made me realize how much potential there really is in this industry.This is where you find all the different types of people all being able to respect opinions and being able to work together in sharing and updates on the latest brand talk and business opportunities & colabs.

This by far has been an eye opener in realizing that we all fit together like a puzzle.Leading the intervention between friend or foe into a world change of sharing and diversity amongst us all…I sure am excited for this future!

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Blog.2 Hair Treat Routines

So it’s been a wild couple of months since my first blog.I had been contemplating on doing this one for quite some time.But eventually gave in after having felt there is so much hair that calls for these practices.I am obliged!

Hair! Hair! Yeah! YEAH!

We are all not the same regarding this specific topic.And since the very liberated move of our natural sisters we all are entitled to our own styling wants, needs & desires.


I have always felt very balanced between my tresses and its demands, especially with so much going on in the hair trend zone. Coloring,length,texture and specifically products play such and important role in delivering our hair demands.And while doing a lot of chopping since married life, I maintain a strong regime with my locks.I believe in balancing out your treatments well when cleansing,moisturising and repairing your strands.The Maintenance ritual is crucial.Hair cannot have too much of one thing!


Always use a cleansing shampoo or clarifying shampoo.This acts as the hair exfoliator.This shampoo removes residue and build up from product allowing treatments to have the effect its supposed to.If you do not use a clarifying shampoo you will eventually end up with an oily scalp and flat falls.


These products are available on promo at a very affordable price @Stylish Steppers Hair & Beauty Studio.Contact Michelle on 0836098009 for more info.

Trim those ends regularly-styles dont last if you have split ends . Moisture is not absorbed from products or penetrated into ends thus leaving hair lifeless and dull.

Treat those tresses!Hair needs moisure.Whether you have natural,relaxed,color treated or Brazilian hair-You must treat atleast every 3rd week.Oils do not penetrate unless capped for 15 minutes or longer and will only work temporarily so get a good brand of products to alternate between washes.

Aftercare products are crucial to your hairs condition so sulfate and paraben free goodies are your hair’s best friends from now on.

Hooray!Hoor jy!?

Curly girls!..If you are struggling with limp hair and ends the above mentioned regime is good for you as well.Get yourself a easy comb detangler and hair revive condi which will make your life and that of your hair so much easier and manageable.You do not need to wet your hair everyday.

No!No!No!!..Hair can be damp sprayed and oiled on every alternative day or use a coconut milk spritzer to regain some moisture between washes and remember to keep your scalp clear of build up with a co wash inbetween cycles.

Remember that balance is key!

As in our everyday lives-emotionally,spiritually,physically and psychology we have to cleanse, repair and protect ourselves from negative factors.We all have our own way of healing.So remember that as much as you make time to recover, you must take time to shine and glow and grow!!

I’m here too..

How happy I am to be here? How long has it taken for me to get here? How many have asked me to take the step? How many times have I thought it through? How fortunate am I to be here?

Can we not simply ask these same exact q’s during any experience in life? OK not every single one, but most..-nevermind the mosquito buzzing at my ear while I type & me slapping myself a couple of times.All this in winter I might add..

It takes either a short or very long while for us to become comfortable with sharing ourselves in this light.Its so personal, yet so free.Life is such a beautiful & such a busy thing right?I mean honestly, It wants to know everything about you.It challenges you!It sticks on you and pushes you and drives you..Its so competitive and persistent at times.Its marvellous!

I find my soul in midst of these moments..like a deer-looking around in all directions, weak & then suddenly so strong.This is amazing.Besides the headlights pause ofcourse..

I just feel that kind, willing & selfless laugher in my heart filling up to overflow when it all comes together in that wilderness.Strong now..braver now & able now.These moments are looking back on you..the moments are in wonder..because you have stood through it all, yet again.

This is me..I am here!